About the Journal

The JOURNAL OF ADVANCED RESEARCH AND STABILITY (JARS) open access, peer-reviewed, the monthly published journal that aims to encourage and promote stability and sustainability from advanced research perspectives from a wide range of scholarly perspectives, reflecting the diversity of approaches characteristic of this field of advanced science points as the whole.  JARS makes analyses of the global community is thus interested in a deeper understanding of the culture, business perspectives, and realities of the Asian world as well as in the opportunities within the region. Hence,  Journal explores advancements in stability and sustainability from all research global policy and development, educational and cultural improvement. Promoting dialogue for sustainable development in developing societies, the journal aims to synthesize opinions, providing sound propositions, and bringing together ideas and thoughts for a prosperous future.

  • Regional development
  • Globalization
  • Life standard improvement 
  • Culture and cultural heritage
  • International collaboration
  • Sustainable development, ecology, and environmental protection
  • Development of a United Region of  Activities
  • Entrepreneurship and new ideas
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Management, ethics, innovation, marketing
  • Foreign investment, foreign trade
  • Business perspectives and opportunities, education
  • Modernization
  • Protocol and etiquette
  • Social issues
  • Technology
  • Tourism